Buried Minds featuring Chhun Prasoeur

from by Ribbit Glow



It is a story about my mother fleeing to a refugee camp during the Khmer Rouge terror.


Buried Mines
by ribbit glow

( Chhun Prasoeur intro Smot of Spring)

Day fades away
the setting of the sun
will help shield us as we run
Hide and seek
plastic bags and guns
it's a bloody masquerade
they don't know of what they lay
they just listen

a pocket full of toil
mines buried in the soil
a creeping through the crops
watch your head don't lose your top
crickets fill the chest
how'd we get into this mess

i got the kind of blues
that you just don't want to talk about
i got the kind of blues
that no one even knew about
i got the kind of blues that digs into your soul
i got the kind of blues blues like your losing control

Fireflies light the way
firebombs pave the graves
They show you how
with a thousand tears
shed by your peers
wrong, wrong
stay off their lawn
Don't bring your troubles here

Fireflies light the way
all alone in the forest she prays
forest spirit lead me safe
i promise to return the grace


(Chhun Prasoeur Smot of Death)


from Spaced Out, released March 16, 2013
Producer Silence , Ribbit Glow-keyboard Luke Mcguire- guitar and Chhun Prasoeur



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Ribbit Glow Long Beach, California

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